Vinny Magalhaes: “I’m Waiting For My Check”

At UFC 152 this past weekend, Vinny Magalhaes finally put himself in the UFC win column. He took care of Igor Pokrajac with an armbar in the second round that was worthy of Submission of the Night honors. Instead the honors and the bonus check went to UFC Light Heavyweight Champ, Jon Jones for his americana submission over Vitor Belfort in the main event of the card.

Vinny told MMA Fight Corner Wednesday night he’s not sure why he wasn’t chosen to receive the honor, but said he is still waiting for his bonus check. Magalhaes did explain however, that he’s not completely bummed out with not receiving the bonus, but he feels what he accomplished was simply a better submission.

“I’ll be honest, it’s not just because I lost $65,000 dollars. It’s not because I’m not going to see that. Looking at the moves as a technician, judging as a technician, as a professional, as a grappler, my move was ten times more difficult, and you know, way more impressive than his move. Maybe that’s how people judge. Maybe they judge how big the fight is, maybe they judge the fighter as well. Who knows?”

“I’ve been in the UFC before, but I heard they take care of the guys. Sometimes even if they just get the wins, they take care of them,” Magalhaes added. “Dana said after the fights, all those guys from the prelims are going to paid. They didn’t just get paid to show, they get paid to win. But the way like he said it, is almost like those guys are getting paid extra. So, I’m waiting for my check.”

Vinny said it doesn’t even matter how UFC President Dana White decides to take care of him for what he accomplished in his fight, as long as he gets acknowledged by the organization for it. “I’m just gonna be waiting two or three weeks [for a check], I’m going to be really hopeful. Here’s the thing too, it’s not just you, there’s a lot of people saying I should have got that bonus. I’m sure [Dana] somehow is going to pay me for that. Likely, it’s not going to be 65,000 dollars, but I’m sure he’s going to pay me somehow. Just give me a fight, I don’t care.”

Following his loss to Magalhaes, Igor Pokrajac took to Twitter and wrote: “If I wanted to do a grappling match I would go on a grappling tournament , this is MMA and UFC fans want a fight.”

Regardless of what Igor wrote, Vinny wasn’t insulted by the comment. “I didn’t take it that way. I think he was just making himself look bad, really.  In my fight, when I took him down in the first round, I threw a few punches, I passed his guard, I went for a submission, then he reversed it. Then I was on the bottom and I was trying to attack with submissions and all this stuff. It’s not like the fight went to the ground and I was just stalling. Then, it goes to the second round and he was the one that initiates a takedown.”

The takedown wasn’t a smart move for Pokrajac to do with Vinny being a well decorated grappling champion. It opened up a huge opportunity for Vinny to take over and seal the victory.

“I was a little bit surprised,” Vinny said of the takedown attempt. “The first round I had him on the ground the whole round and I didn’t finish him, so that probably gave him confidence. ‘I can take him down and he’s not going to submit me.’ That’s probably what he thought, at least that’s what I’m thinking. Like, he went five minutes with me and I didn’t submit him, probably he felt really good about it…It was such a bad mistake. A lot of people think the longer a fight goes, you get sweaty and its hard to work jiu jitsu, but it’s actually totally opposite for me. The body gets a little looser and that’s when my jiu jitsu works better.”

Magalhaes started his UFC career on the eighth season of the promotion’s flagship reality series, The Ultimate Fighter. He’d lost two fights with the UFC before being cut by the organization. It took him three years to get back to the UFC. One of those losses was in The Ultimate Fighter season 8 finale to Ryan Bader, but he said he’s not ready for that rematch quite yet.

“I don’t think it’s fair for me to call him out. He’s one of the top six, or the five, in the division, so it doesn’t make much sense for me to have one win in the UFC against a guy who’s in the top ten and start to call him. Maybe after a couple more wins, that’s a guy that I want to fight for sure.”

Wanting to keep the momentum going after notching a win, Magalhaes said he’s already asking for his next fight. “I just texted Joe Silva to give me a fight in December, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen because of 151 that thing that happened because of Jones. I wanted to fight. To be honest with you, Jon Jones has been screwing me over really bad lately,” Vinny said. “He’s taking money out of my pocket and because of what he did with 151, I’m not gonna fight in December.”

Fights cards have been backed up because of fights from UFC 151 having to find new homes. If Vinny does get called up to fight, he’s already got his eye on a few 205’ers that he feels will help him grow in his UFC career. “If he can fight, I think Matt Hamill would be the ideal match right now. The fact that he fought on the same card, so he’d have the same amount of time to prepare for a fight and the same amount of rest after a fight so, I think Matt Hamill would be the ideal match. I’d also like to fight the winner of Phil Davis, Wagner Prado.”

Matt Hamill could be interesting. The recently unretired UFC veteran just notched a win over Roger Hollett at UFC 152. If he still has the desire to stay in the organization, Vinny’s up to fighting him next.

“He’s a name and all that stuff, everybody loves him in the UFC, the UFC fans love the guy, I love the guy. I think it’d be a good fight and it’d also be more exposure,” Vinny explained. “I fought Igor he was coming off of three wins in the UFC, but not many people follow his career. Not many people got to really see my fight against him. Not many people cared.  But I think fighting Matt Hamill would change that, people love the guy. It’d be more exposure.”

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