The Ultimate Fighter Season 16 – Episode 5 Recap

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The episode opens up with Julian Lane still upset over his loss. Michael Hill is seen consoling him.

The scene flips to Team Carwin who’s celebrating. Mike Ricci talks to the cameras and says he’s ready to fight. The remaining fighters who haven’t had their bouts yet, but they know their time is coming.

Back at the house, Lane explains that chose to fight Marunde because he was the #2 pick of Team Carwin and he wanted to prove himself being that he was chosen last overall. Apparently Lane still feels he has something to prove and continues to say that he’s ready to fight someone in the house. Furthermore, he admits he’s willing to get kicked out to prove he can take on anyone, anytime. Then he tries to bait Matt Secor who’s not engaging in any nonsense that would jeopardize his opportunity to get into the UFC.

Training begins with Team Nelson and seems some are upset with the regiment Nelson has in place which is one-a-days. Cameron Diffley voices he wants training sessions twice a day and to get more cardio in their workouts. Nelson retorts telling the team the should use the house pool for that. Michael Hill wants to have better organized training sessions also. Dom Waters talks about the team getting antsy and how they want to get more training in. In a brief camera pan, Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu teammates Nate and Nick Diaz, Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez are seen on the coaching staff of Nelson.

Team Carwin has the pick and Shane choses Nic Herron-Webb from Team Nelson, Brazilian fighter Igor Araujo is chosen from his team. Mike Ricci is excited for this matchup and hopes Igor smashes Herron-Webb. In the staredown, Nic is wearing pajama pants and waggling his tongue at Igor. Igor says he wants to eat Nic’s brains. Interesting.

As we get to know Igor, he explains he trains in Albuquerque, NM with Jackson-Winklejohn MMA. He had it rough on the street on Brazil and started fighting to make $100. After that the rest was history, since then Igor’s had 23 wins. Araujo explains this opportunity is for his kids and to give them a better life. Team Carwin has also brought in Eliot Marshall who’s seen working with Igor and also speaking Portuguese which gives Igor some comfort having someone to speak his native language with.

Back at the house, Lane and Herron-Webb have taken Ricci’s mattress out of his room. Araujo is upset with the disrespect seen in the antics from the “kids”. Herron-Webb says he took the bed and tossed on the veranda, but refuses to get it when Ricci confronts him. Ricci flips Nic’s hat off his head. Eventually with some help from his teammates, they get the mattress off of the veranda and back to the room.

Next we get some background on Nic who is from Anchorage, Alaska. He has an 11-3 record at only 22-years old. He started out as a high school wrestler and goes on to say he invented “Napjitsu”. He explains he’s called Naptime because of his laid back demeanor and because he puts his opponents to sleep. He also has a 3-year-old son back home. Earlier Nelson had said the gameplan is for Webb to stay on top and maintain control.

Araujo is talking later at the house about how much he’s missing his children. His son, Renzo’s 2nd birthday is the day of his fight and he’s sad to miss his birthdaym but by being on the show, he knows that he’s doing this to give them a better life. He explains his tears make him stronger.

Fight breakdown:

Nic comes in with a wild punch, Igor dodges it and takes him down. Araujo mounts Herron-Webb early and controls where the action goes, pushing Webb against the cage. Igor dominated the first round by taking Webb’s back, landing strikes to the head at will and flattening out Herron-Webb attempting a couple rear-naked chokes. Webb lands a few elbows while under Araujo but wasn’t able to do much damage.

Araujo comes out looking to land a head kick that misses. He then goes for a takedown that Herron-Webb stuffs and he gets into top position. Araujo looks for a triangle, but Herron-Webb escapes the submission attempt. He gets in an elbow that gets Igor’s face to swell but ends up in Araujo’s butterfly guard. Araujo whips Webb in the face with a jab and reverses position putting Webb on his back. Araujo lands strikes, but Herron-Webb fights back with flurries of his own. Herron-Webb gets loose and looks for an ankle lock while Araujo is looking for a kneebar. Neither man succeeds to finish the other.

Igor Araujo wins by majority decision. UFC President Dana White and a lot of other are heard thinking there should have been a 3rd round. White said, “Nic was robbed out of a third round.” Carwin says some judges scored the first round a 10-8 for Igor the 1st. According to White, only one judge wanted it to go to a third.

Results after episode five:

Team Carwin (3-1)

Sam Alvey (0-1, lost to Joey Rivera by decision in episode 3)

Bristol Marunde (1-0, defeated Julian Lane by decision in episode 4)

Mike Ricci

Neil Magny (1-0, defeated Cameron Diffley by decision in episode 2)

James Chaney

Eddy Ellis

Igor Araujo (1-0, defeated Nic Herron-Webb by majority decision in episode 5)

Matt Secor

Team Nelson (1-3)

Dom Waters

Michael Hill

Cameron Diffley (0-1, lost to Neil Magny by decision in episode 2)

Colton Smith

Jon Manley

Nic Herron-Webb (0-1, lost to Igor Araujo by majority decision in episode 5)

Joey Rivera (1-0, defeated Sam Alvey by decision in episode 3)

Julian Lane (0-1, lost to Bristol Marunde by decision in episode 4)

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