Arianny Celeste “Top of the World” VIDEO

“Top of the World” marks Arianny’s major debut as a singer and songwriter, but not the first time she has worked with Manufactured Superstars. The 26-year old Las Vegas native appeared in the high-energy DJ duo’s video “Silver Splits the Blue” last year, and impressed with pair with her professionalism and yet to be revealed vocal talents.
Known as one of the most popular figures to grace the fighting Cage, native Las Vegan Celeste singing in “Top of the World” has impressed fans and industry experts alike.
“My fans are loving ‘Top of the World’ and giving me a lot of support,” said Arianny.  “We are getting great reviews and feedback from radio stations around the world. They are really excited to have the song.”
Trained in singing since she was a young girl, Arianny was thrilled at the opportunity to work with Manufactured Superstars on a second project that showcased her musical expertise and abilities to the mainstream.
“I love filming the “Top of the World” video and actually helped produce it,” said Arianny. “It’s a fun and lighthearted song and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. A lot of people are surprised that I’m a singer, but I have been taking vocal lessons since the age of 14. I have always dreamed of performing as a singer. It’s surreal that I have a single that I wrote, performed and helped produce with one of the hottest club acts in the world out on radio stations and ITunes. I hope this is just the start and that I have more opportunities like this in the future.”

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