The Ultimate Fighter Season 16 – Episode 6 Recap

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The episode begins with UFC President Dana White inside Team Nelson’s locker room telling Nic Herron Webb he was robbed of deserved 3rd round in his fight against Igor Araujo. Roy Nelson also thought it was going to a 3rd round. At least we see White and Roy agree on one thing. Roy Nelson then criticizes Nic’s performance and the team seems to shake their heads at his negativity. They also seem to be fed up with his coaching strategies.

Back at the house, Jon Manley and Matt Secor are on the balcony talking about Nelson’s coaching style vs Carwin’s. Secor says Roy’s in it for himself and claims Carwin is caring.

Later on we see Colton Smith & Julian Lane eat the jerk chicken that Team Carwin had been marinating. When Team Carwin returns and finds the chicken gone, Matt Secor accuses Michael Hill of the theft and they go at each other verbally. Hill promises to end Secor.

At the fight announcement Secor and Hill are still going at it. Hill barks at Secor “I’m gonna knock you out and I’m gonna fart in your face.” Secor responds, “If I win you’re going to have to wear a shirt the rest of the season.”

Shane Carwin announces that Eddy Ellis will represent his team and will fight Team Nelson’s Colton Smith. Nelson thinks Colton’s wrestling will be the edge in the fight. Carwin thinks Ellis has the ground and pound edge that should take out Smith.

Ellis’ background is revealed. He’s from Olympia, WA and started his MMA career at 16. He explains he’s been beat and won in every way. Ellis credits his MMA experience and his wife for making him who he is today.

In Team Carwin’s training session, Eliot Marshall is training the guys in their ground game. Trevor Wittman warns Ellis that Colton will probably play dirty with fight customs like touching gloves as he did in the fight that got him in the house.

Colton Smith tells us he was born in Iowa and is stationed at Fort Hood with the Army. He explains his single mother put in him into sports since he was a troubled kid. Smith says he exceled at wrestling. In the Army, Smith discovered Brazilian jiu jitsu and now teaches combative jiu jitsu in the service. He credits the military and combat for making him tough. We also learn he has a wife and two kids.

While training, Colton confides in Lane that he doesn”t want to use what Nelson’s showing him. He says he’s sticking with Plan A: jab, jab, takedown, ground & pound, and submit.  It’s gotten him this far so why change Smith says.


ROUND ONE- Colton launches in underhooks and takes down Ellis. Eddy gets out, they clinch and both land knees. Smith gets in a low kick and then shoots for another takedown. Ellis gets back to his feet without sustaining much damage. Colton lands a straight left and circles Ellis. Ellis calls for action. Colton misses a takedown and Ellis rocks him with a right hand and takes him down. From the top, Ellis lands a elbow that slices Smith. Ellis has an armbar, but loses it. Smith gets up, Ellis rocks him with a couple more elbows and takes him down again. Smith gets back up and the action ends against the cage with Colton landing a couple knees.

ROUND TWO – Colton lands a kick, circles and shoots for another takedown on Ellis. Colton begins working the ground and pound. Ellis’ cut is reopened by elbows from Smith. Smith remains dominant with ground and pound landing more short elbows. Ellis tries to get out and can’t. Herb Dean stands them up since Colton’s not landing big shots that look to the end the fight. Ellis throws some wild punches and then is staggered by a right from Colton.

As the action ends everyone is again expecting a third round. Instead we find out it was a Majority Decision win for Colton Smith.  Apparently some judges scored the second round 10-8 for Smith.

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  • I’m sick of every website saying this fight was “controversial”. Ellis landed some good shots in the first, but obviously not enough to finish it, and Smith landed great stuff too. 2nd round was a brutal destruction of Ellis by Smith–I’ve haven’t seen a worse facial reconstruction in a long time. The only “controversial” thing in the fight was Herb Dean standing them up and his explanation which I have NEVER heard in any fight before. Ellis couldn’t have lasted 1 more minute–worst forehead and eye cuts that I’ve seen. He looked like a caveman and I hope he recovers from the damage. Herb Dean saved him if anything. After Herb stood them up at least Ellis had a chance to stagger around for the rest of the round instead of getting his head bounced off the floor again. I also love how the show focuses on Dana “making” it controversial at the end of the fight and yelling about judging handing out 10-8’s like Christmas cards or whatever it was. I hope he told Smith congrats after the fight, because he deserved the win–narrowly, but he deserved it. I would have hated to see Ellis get hurt in a 3rd round because he seems like a great dude. I’ve personally met Smith in a military setting and he is a truly humble guy and is obviously just trying to make the best of it. Give the guy a break.

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