Dana White Severs Relationship with The Palms Hotel & Casino

[singlepic id=626 w=320 h=240 float=left]The Las Vegas Review Journal’s Norm Clarke put out an article Monday reporting that UFC President Dana White has cut ties with the Palms Hotel & Casino which means UFC events will no longer be held at the Las Vegas hotel going forward.

The Ultimate Fighter 16 finale is set to be at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino this December which is the first TUF Finale to be held outside the Palms in years. Since 2007’s UFC Fight Night 9: Stevenson vs Guillard, the UFC has held a total of 16 events at the The Palms. With the exception of season’s 1-4, The Ultimate Fighter has held all of their finales at the Palms Pearl Theatre.

According to the original article, White severed the relationship about six months ago when his credit line was cut in half. The article’s source said White informed The Palms’ president, Joe Magliarditi, that he was cutting all ties and would no longer hold events there. Magliarditi was brought in to revitalize the hotel after the previous owners lost 98 percent of ownership during the city’s rough economic times.

The original article read:

One of the Palms’ biggest gamblers since it opened 11 years ago, White’s tipping habits were legendary.

“He changed people’s lives,” said one of the sources.

Dealers and wait staff were among the hardest hit by White’s departure. During one two-month hot streak, White tipped dealers more than $100,000, sources confirmed.

“Anytime he came in, we knew it was a big payday,” a Palms employee said.

A regular at N9NE Steakhouse, White routinely ran up dinner tabs of $15,000-$20,000 and tossed in $10,000 tips. That happened three or four or times a week, the sources said.

White has not commented on the story, but it’s hard to say if the move was entirely based on the credit line cut. As a business, the UFC could have seen the Palms financial issues as reason to move the promotion elsewhere.

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