Could There be a Potential Josh Koscheck-Nick Diaz fight?

[singlepic id=613 w=320 h=240 float=left]When Josh Koscheck took to Twitter Sunday night, he created a stir of the possibility that he and Nick Diaz square off at UFC 157 potentially taking place in Las Vegas on Superbowl weekend.

Koscheck has recently left his long-time gym, American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) and started his own gym in Fresno, CA. Since Koscheck left, he’s voiced how much he despised his former head trainer, Javier Mendez and even went so far to say that he hopes the gym burns to the ground.

Known for his “bad-boy” antics, Koscheck has remained sidelined from fighting since UFC on FOX 3 in May where he dropped a split decision to Johny Hendricks. He was supposed to fight Jake Ellenberger at UFC 151, but pulled out citing a back injury. If he gets this fight against Diaz, it’s one of those matches that would spark some excellent smack talk.

Despite attempts made by Nick Diaz to have a judiciary review of his year long suspension and $79,500 in fines, the UFC welterweight remains suspended until February 2013. Diaz’s attempts to have courts review the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s suspension and fine issued upon him was in hopes to have his suspension for testing positive for marijuana metabolites following UFC 143 overturned sooner.

The NSAC also set the 12 month suspension retroactive to the day he fought Carlos Condit at UFC 143. That was February 4, 2012.

So, the chances that Diaz can actually fight on Superbowl weekend could be very slim. If the suspension holds up, Diaz won’t be able to apply for a license until February 4, 2013.  Super Bowl Sunday is February 3rd; meaning he might actually have to wait to February 4th, a Monday, for courts to be open and reapply for a license.

In addition, following Diaz’s hearing with the NSAC in May, MMA Fight Corner’s Heidi Fang spoke with NSAC Chairman Skip Avansino who recommended that in the future Diaz come forward about his use of marijuana for his ADHD and request a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) prior to his next fight to avoid being suspended or fined again.

Assuming that it all works out and Diaz is good to go for UFC 157, I would recommend that Koscheck doesn’t try to stand and trade with Diaz. Against BJ Penn at UFC 137, Diaz landed 257 strikes during the fight breaking the UFC record for most strikes landed in a fight.  Kos’ wrestling may be his best weapon against Diaz, though Diaz never had a problem submitting anyone on the ground.

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