Metro PCS Fan Chat: Dana White discusses GSP/Jones, Stephan Bonnar’s retirement and new event locations in 2013

[singlepic id=1003 w=320 h=240 float=left]UFC President Dana White took the time to join a MetroPCS chat on Tuesday evening to answer fan questions on all topics MMA and beyond.  White touched on a foray of interesting topics ranging from the potential Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva super fight, the new season of TUF, Ronda Rousey and the UFC’s latest international expansion plans. MMA fans also got treated to several minutes with TUF 17 coaches Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen who both, although surprisingly cordial, had much to discuss.

Here are the highlights below:

When asked about Ronda Rousey and potentially incorporating WMMA into the UFC, White made his feelings clear, “ I’m into women’s MMA now. We’ll see what happens.”

After several fans asked questions regarding planned event in 2013-2014, White revealed plans to enter several new ventures, “TUF Mexico is coming soon. We’re working on Mexico hard. We’re doing 12 events in Brazil next year. I wish we could do Brazil every weekend.” White also assured angry fans that he “promises to return to Ireland in 2014” and that they would be holding an event in Dallas Cowboy Stadium in 2013, but would not reveal the headlining bout.

White also discussed the potential super fights for Anderson Silva, “The 185 pound division is very exciting right now. I don’t know who’s next for Anderson yet. We’re waiting because he possibly wants to fight Georges St. Pierre. To say GSP vs Anderson Silva doesn’t make sense, just doesn’t make sense. Anderson Silva can fight Georges St. Pierre and Jon Jones. They both make sense.”

Whilst it did appear that White was opening up more to the GSP/Silva fight, he also guaranteed that Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva would indeed happen.

On a surprising note, prior to concluding his portion of the live chat, the UFC President announced that Stephan Bonnar would be officially retiring from MMA and that he is “done now”.

Soon afterwards, UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and title contender Chael Sonnen joined the live chat and answered several fan questions.

It also appeared that the champ had partially resolved his issues with the former middleweight contender stating, “Chael is not too bad. He’s been pretty decent and pretty classy.”

When both competitors were asked whether they though they were strong enough to headline a stadium show, Chael was quick to reply, “ I think we can do it. I’m absolutely strong enough to hold a stadium show. I was jealous of St. Pierre and Shields 55,000 in Toronto.”

With many fans outraged that Sonnen was able to talk his way into yet another UFC title shot, Sonnen felt this was an inconsistent point, “Yes I talked my way into this fight but the word I used was ‘yes’ by accepting it. There aren’t many people that want to fight Jones other than me.”

Full chat available below:

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