Ian McCall: I Just Wanna Show People that “I Deserve to be Champion”

Ian McCall has been going through a bit of a rough patch in his professional career as of late. Since his lackluster performance in the rematch against soon-to-be champ Demetrious Johnson, McCall has had to sit idly by whilst the flyweight division continued to take gradual shape and create title challengers. If you ask Ian, he would attribute his disappointing performance back at UFC on FX 3 to his own lack of focus.

“I am disappointed in myself ’cause I haven’t done better.” Ian told MMAFightCorner.com’s Karim Zidan “I didn’t perform the second time for I don’t know what reason, I lose focus easily, my mind is my own worst enemy.”

The loss haunted McCall, who clearly seemed frustrated at his current ranking in a division he once ruled. “I am 0-1-1 in the UFC, that is pretty [expletive] pathetic in my mind.You know, the person that I beat the first time is now world champion and it’s depressing.”

‘Uncle Creepy’ was arguably the #1 flyweight in the world prior to signing with the UFC. Entering the octagon with a 11-2 record and undefeated as a flyweight, McCall was one of the early favorites to become the inaugural UFC flyweight champ. McCall would go on to back up his hype with an impressive performance against Demetrious Johnson in their first meeting, taking the fight to a draw after finishing the fight in dominant fashion.

Entering the rematch as a noticeable favorite, McCall was expected to overwhelm Johnson just like in their previous encounter. McCall appeared to be noticeably heavier than usual on fight night and never seemed to catch his stride throughout the fight which ended with him on the wrong side of a unanimous decision.

“I was just sort of slacking,” McCall said. “Didn’t take it as seriously as I should for I don’t know what reason. Ya, I came in heavy, didn’t do my diet the way I should have. I was way too heavy, definitely the worst weight cut of my life. I cut like 18.8 pounds in like 20 hours and then by the time we weighted in at 3 or 4, by about 10 that night (before) I was at 150.5. ”

Whilst McCall has put those problems behind him and begin to focus on improving himself technically in all aspects of MMA, as well as keeping his weight down to avoid issues such as these ever again, he still has trouble remaining focused on the task at hand, particularly when he doesn’t have a scheduled fight. Ian has had to work on the mental aspect of his game to ensure that his mind does not rob him of yet another victory.

McCall also had reservations when discussing his weight-class, admitting that he was not impressed with the characters in his division and how the fans have reacted to their introduction to the UFC.

“People don’t like my weight class, they don’t like DJ, they don’t like Dodson. There is not much character in the people and the people that do have character like John Dodson come off as annoying. I personally don’t have a problem with John, I think he is a cool guy, but his persona is [expletive] obnoxious man. His laugh, his whole acting like a 12-year old girl thing, it’s annoying and it rubs people the wrong way.”

“It’s just that everyone has their shtick and that’s his thing…that energetic annoying child. I don’t say that out of me hating the guy, he is a nice guy you know. I am saying it the way people look at it. He is a great athlete (Dodson) and some people say he doesn’t deserve a title shot, but who else does? I don’t! Somebody has to. He is definitely deserving of it. I don’t dislike the guy but at the same guy I am just saying what lots of others are thinking about.”

McCall also brushed on fellow flyweight Louis Gaudinot and whether there was any legitimate animosity between the two of them.

“If you call me out once or twice, that’s fine, but if you start calling me out everywhere I go like a fan expo, then ok cool, I will beat the sh** out of you.”

When asked if he had a particular opponent he would like to face, McCall was quick to ensure us that he did not care who he faced next but also mentioned that he does not believe the UFC would match him up with Joseph Benavidez.

“Anybody, I don’t really care,” he stated. “It’s really anybody at this point, I know Gaudinot has been calling me out. I am at the point where people want to make a name off me and I know they won’t put me in with Joe because they don’t want Joe to lose a second time and be in the same predicament as Urijah (laughs). He is like basically in the bridemaid’s position at this point.  I don’t think they want me to lose to him either though cause a lot of people think I am the most marketable fighter there is in the division.”

With a newfound mindset, aggression and a will to train, McCall would like nothing better than to prove to himself and to the world, that he is undoubtedly the best flyweight in the world.

“I just wanna go out there and hurt a bunch of people and show people that I deserve to be champion.”

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