RECAP: The Ultimate Fighter 16 – Episode 11 “Fight the Perfect Fight”

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With Colton Smith and Neil Magny already advancing to the semi-finals, two more competitors will advance in Friday’s episode. Canadian on Canadian violence is about to go down between Michael Hill and Mike Ricci. Joey Rivera and Jon Manley’s less-publicized fight is also in the cards in this episode.

In an all Team Nelson showdown, Joey Rivera and Jon Manley are first up to fight. Joey and Jon seem to have respect for each other, but are both determined to throw down as best as they can. Jon admits that he thinks Joey’s the toughest guy in the house. Colton Smith, also on Team Nelson, will be cornering Jon. Manley promises to “bring it”. Manley admits “he has a job to do” and will bring everything he has into the cage, despite how much he admires what Joey brings to the table. Cameron Diffley is cornering Rivera. Manley says, “I love you Joey, but I’m coming for ya, watch out.”

FIGHT RESULT Jon Manley vs Joey Rivera:

Round One: Manley and Rivera start out looking to establish range. Manley lands a quick jab and leg kick. Joey lands a low leg kick, followed by a body kick. Manley lands an overhand right and goes for a takedown. Manley doesn’t get the takedown and is continuing to search for it up against the cage. Joey gets Manley into a guillotine, but loses it. Manley stays with the takedown and gets it.  Rivera tries to reverse, but falls, Joey manages to hang onto Manley’s neck and tries to crank a Rear Naked Choke while Manley tries to move to half guard. With pure strength alone, Rivera cranks in tight on Manley’s neck, but Jon escapes. Rivera almost sinks in a triangle and armbar, but can’t finish either as the round ends.

Round Two: Rivera lands a combo and finishes with a low leg kick. Rivera brings in a low leg kick that connects. Manley is dancing around the outside follows in with a couple jabs. Manley then goes for the takedown and again, doesn’t get it and they clinch up against the cage. Diffley calls to Joey to get a sense of urgency at about 2 mins into the round, great point. They stay up against the cage as Manley keeps trying for a takedown. With about a minute remaining, Manley finally lands the takedown. Rivera closes his guard and puts Manley in a body triangle. Manley takes Rivera’s back and works in some punches from top position as the round closes.

Fight result: Manley def. Rivera via majority decision (19-19, 20-18, 20-18)

Roy Nelson & Dana White both comment after the fight that neither man fought like they wanted to be in the UFC and were disappointed with the fight.

Rivera knows he should have “stepped on the gas” to win and he didn’t. Manley also admits that he wasn’t happy with his performance and that he hesitated based on how Rivera handled him in their practices.

Back at the house Mike Ricci is talking about the tension in the house. Michael Hill jokes that he’s going to put Ex-Lax in Ricci’s sauce. Ricci tapes it up for security and the two engage in words. Hill tells Ricci he shouldn’t have picked him to fight and promises to do what Dom Waters didn’t – beat Ricci.

In a training montage, Ricci says his life is like “ancient Sparta” since being on TUF; it’s all about training and going to war. Ricci’s expecting Hill to come out swinging and prepares to deal with his knockout power. Hill is shown sparring with Nic Herron-Webb and says it’s time for war.

Hill says he’s going to bring a war and put fear in Ricci’s eyes. Again, Hill addresses Ricci’s betrayal of their Canadian brotherhood. He’s also aware that any mistake he makes can cost him the fight. Ricci says his the only thing on his mind is to destroy Hill. Hill reveals he will be looking for a knockout and claims hard work beats talent.

FIGHT BREAKDOWN Michael Hill vs Mike Ricci:

Round One: Hill comes in with a straight right. Ricci answers with a combo and head kick . Ricci brings another combo of strikes to Hill, landing another left head kick. Hill lands a  low leg kick of his own, but Ricci is sticking with his jab. Hill rushes in with a combo and presses Ricci up against the cage. Ricci reverses and takes down Hill. Ricci uses his left hand and short elbows to punish Hill from the top. Hill tries to get up, but Ricci swarms rights back on top. He manages to take Hill’s back and looks for a rear naked right away. Ricci continues striking Hill, one punch seems to brush the back of Hill’s head. Ricci is warned by referee Josh Rosenthal and Hill simultaneously reacts with “Ow” as the round closes.

Round Two: Ricci misses a head kick and Hill rushes in only to find himself taken down. Ricci looks to follow through and hold him down, but Hill escapes. Hill looks for a standing guillotine and almost locks it in, but Ricci lands another takedown and gets on top of Hill. Hill still trying to work out of it, while Ricci tries to advance his position. Ricci takes Hill’s back and Hill stands up with Ricci on his back. They exchange strikes and Ricci continues to strike from on top. Hill’s corner is screaming for him to stand, for about a minute straight. Hill briefly gets up and goes right back down. As the round closes, Hill gets up with a few seconds remaining, but Ricci’s utterly punished him.

FIGHT RESULT: Ricci def. Hill via unanimous decision (20-18, all)

Quarterfinal results:

Bristol Marunde vs Neil Magny: Magny def. Marunde via unanimous decision (20-18, all)

Igor Araujo vs Colton Smith: Smith def. Araujo via unanimous decision (20-18, all)

Joey Rivera vs Jon Manley – Manley def. Rivera via majority decision (19-19, 20-18, 20-18)

Michael Hill vs Mike Ricci -Ricci def. Hill via unanimous decision (20-18, all)

UFC President Dana White announces the semi-finals for Episode 12:

Jon Manley vs Colton Smith (both of Team Nelson)

Mike Ricci vs Neil Magny (both of Team Carwin)


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