UFC 156 Quick Quotes: Aldo vs Edgar

FrankieEdgar156In the main event of UFC 156, former Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar will square off and challenge UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo for the title.

The possibility that Frankie could become only the third man in UFC history to hold a title in 2 different weight classes with a win over Aldo isn’t weighing too heavily on him right now. The newly minted featherweight said the weight cut is going fine and he thinks he’s as prepared as possible to scrap with Aldo.

“I’m just trying to win my next fight and if win my next fight, I’m going to get the title and be a part of history with Randy and BJ. So if I just go in there thinking I have to win my next fight, it’ll take care of everything else.”

Since Aldo’s been out of the Octagon since last January, MMA Fight Corner asked Edgar if he thought Aldo’s layoff from fighting would be an advantage to him.

“It’s tough. I don’t know how he approaches his training. I don’t know how he approaches the mental aspect of it. We’re just going to have to try to find out within the 25 minutes of this fight,” said Frankie.

A lingering injury from an unfortunate motorcycle accident kept Aldo from fighting Erik Koch. With nearly a year passed since he last fought, the champ said the lay off won’t be an issue in his fight.

“I had a few injuries, but they were minor injuries that stopped me from going back to the gym just for a short period of time. I kept myself very busy, I’m still fine,” Aldo’s translator said.

Jose had discussed prior to this fight with Edgar that he would consider moving up to compete at the 155-pound division. However, Aldo said he won’t be ready to make that decision until after the Edgar fight.

“I think about going up to 155. Right now I’m still happy and still relaxed with this weight class. I’m just thinking about the fight and that’s a long term decision. I’m not thinking about that right now,” Jose said via translator.

When asked what he thought about Frankie as a challenger, Jose added that he felt that a 145-er that had done more in the weight class should have been offered the fight first.

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