The Ultimate Fighter season 17: Episode 6 Recap

image via UFC

image via UFC

In this week’s episode, Tor Troeng of Sweden takes on Team Jones’ Josh Samman.

Last week, Samman declared he wasn’t 100 percent explaining he had various injuries and wasn’t prepared to fight. But since Team Sonnen got to pick the fight, Samman was called upon to meet Troeng.

Coach Sonnen calls Tor a “sleeper”. Jimmy Quinlan adds that no one seems to know anything about Tor except that he’s a guy from Sweden. His teammates have made him a small Thor Hammer. Back at the house they construct a bigger model.

In a training session, Uriah Hall is working some stand up with Luke Barnatt. Uriah is throwing out some hard, stiff jabs that upset Barnatt. Uriah says he’s simply sparring and not trying to be extra aggressive. Luke believes Uriah has an unstable mental state, acts like an “ego driven machine”, is selfish and not a team player. Meanwhile, Uriah doesn’t see what the issue is, he thinks Luke was being soft.

As we learn about Tor, his teammate, Barnatt, believes European’s are being looked over and explains that Tor is a beast and highly ranked in Sweden. Troeng says he’s been involved in combat sports his whole life, but didn’t start training MMA until 16. In Sweden, he works as a mathematician assistant at UMEA university.

At the house, Team Jones is working out in the backyard led by Josh Samman. Dylan Andrews is not on board with Samman leading these drills and won’t involve himself. Andrews has distanced himself explaining that Samman basically annoys him.

Adam Cella calls Samman dad because of his personality. In an example of this, Josh takes over cutting an onion after he asked Adam to cut it, and shows him the way he thinks it should be done. Josh thinks because he instructs everyone on diet and tries to be a leader that maybe everyone perceives him for being a know-it-all.

As we get to learn about Samman, he explains he made it on The Ultimate Fighter before but had to withdraw because of a leg injury. He had to get 200 stitches and 40 staples put in his right leg. Doctors told him if he’d waited longer to have it looked at, he could have lost his leg. Samman says the eye opening experience in surgery changed his life.

Jon Jones talks about Samman’s strengths as striker, wrestler and thinks his submission game is good as well. Samman divulges that he came from a single parent home that didn’t tolerate any violence. Fighting for him is an escape from the mundane and it gives him an opportunity to do something “great” with his life.

Back at the house, Gilbert Smith mentions everyone should call out who the want to fight in the next round. Uriah takes the direction of the conversation another way and calls out Luke. Even though they’re teammates, Uriah doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Kevin Casey thinks what Uriah just did causes an early division of their team. Quinlan walks away wanting nothing to do with the conversation.

Later on, Uriah goes to hang with Team Jones outside and jokes that he won’t be a traitor and give them any information on Tor, though Gilbert is prodding. In front of them, Uriah admits that he’s wrong to call out Luke like he did. Then seemingly out of nowhere, Uriah throws a jab at Adam Cella and his girlfriend. He quickly apologizes, but has already created new enemies. Uriah tells them he’s not used to their sort of joking ways and he doesn’t like being bullied, though the conversation seemed fairly innocuous before Uriah snapped on Adam.

The next day, everyone seems against Uriah saying they should start calling him names. Team Jones is shown trying to do their best impression of his knockout kick. When Uriah gets to the kitchen he’s greeted with “Good Morning Superstar.” Bubba McDaniel tries to talk with Uriah and brings up what happened with Cella. Uriah remains on the defensive and is clearly distancing himself from the others.

That night, the everyone gets out of the house to go bowling at Red Rock. Sonnen goes over to Jones and challenges him to a game, but not a whole game, just 3 frames and the best score wins. Jones takes the challenge. The deal is loser has to coach a whole session in the other’s jersey. Chael wins. The ever competitive Jones loses, and playfully runs away. Jones says he doesn’t like losing.

Prior to the fight, Tor says he’s prepared, ready, and relaxed. HE explaines he always feels calm before the storm.

Josh can’t fathom that anyone does more cardio than he does. He thinks he can outwork Tor and push the pace. As also loves his own mental state before a fight describing it as “controlled chaos”.

ROUND ONE: Josh kicks to start and slips. He then lands a low kick and flurries combos on Tor. They clinch up. Josh gets an underhook and wrist control, then goes for a trip, but can’t take Tor down. Josh reverses the clinch and lands a knee. Tor reverses, but Josh has the leverage and gets some knees in. Tor reverses again and gets a knee to the body. Josh goes for a trip, but lands on bottom. Tor gets top position and lands some solid shots. He looks for guillotine, but Josh sweeps and stands. Josh lands about five punches to Tor’s face as they come up. Tor escapes and breaks away. As he looks to reset himself, Josh kicks and lands a punch followed by a straight right that knocks out Tor unconscious.

Fight is ruled a TKO. Tor is apparently still woozy after as he sways during the official decision being read.
Chael feels Tor was too relaxed during the fight. Josh thinks he made a statement to everyone and now thinks that no one will want to fight him. Sonnen wishes they had 6 more minutes to fight. Tor admits that he is bummed he lost the way he did, getting caught with a punch. Uriah seems itchy to face Josh next.

Jones regains control of the fight pick and pairs his number one pick Clint Hester against Jimmy Quinlan which will be seen next Tuesday when The Ultimate Fighter returns on FX at 9pm ET/PT. Chael thinks the matchup is interesting since Clint is a boxer, Jimmy’s a grappler. He finss it strange that Jones would put his number one pick in that situation.

Luke Barnatt def. Smith via Round 2 TKO, episode 2
Uriah Hall def. Cella via Round 1 KO, episode 3
Zak Cummings
Tor Troeng lost to Samman via Round 1 TKO, episode 6
Jimmy Quinlan
Kevin Casey lost to Hart via unanimous decision, episode 4
Kelvin Gastelum def. Bubba McDaniel via Round 2 rear-naked choke submission, episode 5

Clint Hester
Josh Samman def. Troeng via Round 1 TKO, episode 6
Bubba McDaniel lost to Gastelum via Round 2 rear-naked choke submission, episode 5
Gilbert Smith lost to Barnatt via Round 2 TKO, episode 2
Collin Hart def. Casey via unanimous decision, episode 4
Adam Cella lost to Hall via Round 1 KO, episode 3
Dylan Andrews

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