Jon Jones’ legacy: Title defenses, Fighting at Heavyweight and Super Fights

JonesSonnenUFC 159’s title fight between UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Chael Sonnnen is less than a week away and UFC Jones spoke to media on a conference call Monday about where he sees his future in MMA going and how he wants to cement his legacy with the sport.

“I’ve been contemplating first tying Tito Ortiz. Then establishing that record for most wins in my next fight, maybe in November,” Jones said. “After that fight in November, entertaining super-fights and heavyweight fights.”

Though Jones wouldn’t elude to who is on his radar for a superfight, he did speak about his opponent and Chael’s campaign to kill ’em with kindness.

“I can’t afford to worry or feel any type of feelings about him being kind,” he said. “Someone’s trying to take away my dream. The thought of going home without my belt keeps me angry.”

Instead of any campaign to trash talk Jones ahead of the fight, Chael Sonnen instead praised Jones’ name. He went so far to say that Jones could beat both boxing legends Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson in one night. When asked how he views competing against Jon Jones as compared to Anderson Silva, Sonnen said, “I don’t think they’re close. I think Jon is considerably better than Anderson.”

“Here’s the reality with Anderson, I stomped that guy. And you can pick up his little arm as many times as you want and call him the winner, but the fact is, I whipped his ass for 30 minutes. He got the jump on me for less than 30 seconds. He never knocked me down, I fell down.

“They say Anderson’s the best pound-for-pound, he’s not the best round-for-round. I have three 10-8 rounds in my entire career, I’ve fought 49 men. Three rounds of my whole life are 10-8. That’s the gymnastic’s equivalent to a perfect 10. It doesn’t happen in this sport. I doubt anyone on this call even has a 10-8 round. I’ve got three of them – they’re all against Anderson Silva.

“If you think Jon and Anderson are even close, I will run through Jon because I ran through Anderson. Now, I don’t think they’re close, I think Jon is considerably better than Anderson. But sometimes I hear that I don’t deserve this fight, or that I’m not the right guy, but then I hear that Anderson could beat him. Well, you’ve got to be kidding me, I stomped Anderson Silva – twice.”

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