Hendricks to GSP “Can you hit me as hard as I can hit you?”

Hendricks160In the post fight media scrum following UFC 160, Dana White clarified that Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks does look like the fight that the UFC will make next for the welterweight champ. He added it won’t happen at UFC 165 in Toronto, but did say that it’s targeted for the fall. At the fights this weekend, Hendricks spoke to media and said he is content to wait to get his title shot against GSP.

“Pretty much wherever he wants, whenever he wants, that’s what I’m going to do. I just want by December. Before January 1, I want to fight him and hopefully bring the belt home,” Hendricks said.

In fact, Hendricks is already preparing to face St-Pierre and has used his Fight of the Night performance against Carlos Condit at UFC 158 as a blueprint to get him motivated for this camp.

“That last fight showed me I have a lot to prove,” Hendricks said. “And that’s exciting for me. I proved that I might be a better wrestler than Georges in that fight too. The funny thing is I train at 80 percent. This next one is going to be different. This next one already, guys don’t like it so much that I’m working out with because I’m using all the power I have. I’m training as hard as I can, only exciting things can come.”

It’s been awhile since GSP has had to travel out of his native Canada for fight. Since 2010, every title defense has taken place in Georges’ backyard. Johny said if the bout ends up there, he has no problem with it.

“I don’t look at it as fighting in his hometown, I like to look at it as mine. Last time I fought there, I had a great crowd in Canada too. It’s going to be exciting. I’ll feed off of the crowd and we’ll see how it goes for Georges.”

While nobody doubts Hendricks’ wrestling pedigree, some have questioned his striking technique. Johny admitted he’s working on getting his right hand to work as efficiently as his left hand. “They said I’m not a very good striker. Probably not. But for one I don’t mind getting hit. And two, can you hit me as hard as I can hit you?”

In the end, Hendricks believes that he will surprise GSP. Even if the champ seems to think figuring out Hendricks is easy, Hendricks stated he has more in his arsenal than Georges is prepared to handle.

“I’ll tell you my gameplan. I’m gonna hit you with my left. If that doesn’t work I’m going to try to take you down. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to find a way to win Georges,” said Hendricks. “One thing that he cannot prepare for is my heart, my speed, and my determination to win. He says to everybody, ‘You’ve not faced anybody like me’. Well guess what? He’s never faced a 208-pound, 170 welterweight that has power and a true wrestler.”

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