Robert Drysdale sums up Silva vs. Weidman and Forrest Griffin’s retirement

Robert Drysdale was a guest of MMA Fight Corner on Tuesday afternoon and weighed-in on the upcoming UFC middleweight title fight .At UFC 162 in Las Vegas, NV, an event that’s tied in with the UFC Fan Expo taking place on July 5 & 6, the highly accomplished jiu-jitsu practitioner, instructor to MMA stars, and newly signed UFC prospect, provided his thoughts on Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman. Also, on the same weekend, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin will be inducted to the Hall of Fame. Drysdale worked with Griffin throughout his career and spoke about why he thinks Forrest decided to retire from the sport.

Drysdale hasn’t exactly been shy about not being UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva’s number one fan. However, he did give an impartial assessment on the impending battle.

“I think that Weidman, to an extent, is is a better version of Chael Sonnen. I think he’ll be smarter. I think he’ll put more time into his jiu jitsu. I think he’s a better wrestler, better striker. I think overall, he’s a better version of Chael Sonnen. The one thing I think Chael Sonnen has on him is that he’s very fast. I don’t think Weidman can match his speed. Chael was closing that gap so fast you can tell that Silva wasn’t used to it. That’s why he was getting taken down all the time. On paper, Weidman might be a better wrestler than Chael, but I don’t think he’ll be as fast as Chael.”

“It’s an interesting fight,” Drysdale continued. “I think if Weidman can get on top of Anderson, I think Anderson could be in trouble. I think if you really pressed me, I’d still put my money on Anderson, but I’d really like Weidman to win this fight. I met [Weidman] once, he’s a super nice guy. I’m in his corner for this fight. I’d really like him to win. But again, Anderson Silva’s no joke.”

“You notice it as guys gets older that it gets harder and harder to change, but Anderson’s one of those guys that he’s still learning. You can tell that he’s always getting better. I think that wrestling wise, I’m sure he’s improved a ton. You never know what’s going to happen. But Weidman’s no joke, that’s a tough fight for him and he knows it.”

Where Griffin is concerned, Drysdale coached the former champ for years. They’ve trained together and worked together in Las Vegas. As is true when any athlete walks away from the sport they love, Drysdale knows that it couldn’t have been an easy decision for Griffin to make.

“I think Forrest is a guy he’s just addicted to the gym,” Drysdale told MMA Fight Corner. “I think it’s hard for him to stop for that reason. As soon as he could walk after surgery, he was going to the weight room. That’s the kind of guy he is. I think it was a hard decision in that sense. But at the same time, I think he was tired of the whole being in the spotlight kind of thing.

“He’s a very simple guy, so he doesn’t crave the attention,” Drysdale added. “But if I know him, he’s not going to stay out of the gym. He trains like a maniac and I won’t be surprised if we see him come out of retirement.”

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