Brian Ebersole to choose one lucky fan to corner him at UFC 167

credit Heidi Fang/MMA Fight Corner

credit Heidi Fang/MMA Fight Corner

As a live in-studio guest of MMA Fight Corner on Tuesday, Brian Ebersole (50-15-1-NC)  discussed his page, where a a fan will get the once in a lifetime experience to work his corner when he takes on Rick Story at UFC 167 on Nov. 16.

How it works is easy. Visit his Fundafighter page today and in exchange for pledges, the main reward from Ebersole is not just the chance to corner him, but also the opportunity to hang out with him during the UFC’s historic 20th Anniversary event in Las Vegas.

“We wanted to do something really cool,” said Ebersole. “The whole concept is instead of sponsorship for cash and a logo, the fans are what really drive the sport and what do the fans want? Well I remembered as a kid collecting baseball cards and autographs and it was the autographs that just kind of made you, when you’d walk by always a twinkle in your eye, at the Nolan Ryan baseball.

“No matter how old you were, 20-years-old I still see that thing sometimes in the box and go man that’s cool,” remarked Ebersole. “That 5-year-old little me kind of is like, ‘Man dad you were awesome that Christmas. Thank you.’ So that’s the kind of thing the Fund a Fighter is doing.”

“The big one that I was able to do and I thought that was unique and kind of excited me is; I don’t need all three corner men to be sport specific, you know to yell ‘have a job’. So I was like, I have room for one guy just to be there. Just to be there. Hold a towel, hang out, wipe your sweaty palms, be nervous for me. Go through all that, but you don’t have to work. You know what I mean? I’ve got my corner that can do that.

“So a fan can go and purchase my corner man pass basically. So with that pass, they get a ticket out in the arena. They get a couple meals. We’re going to a have post weigh-in [dinner] obviously, my family and friends, a couple of fans. We’ll also have a Sunday session, whether a pool’s involved or not, maybe it depends on the weather. But we’re going to go somewhere really cool on the Sunday, do a brunch, lunch, drinks. Whatever it be, the whole thing,” concluded Ebersole.

With traditional sponsorship and endorsement deals still young and evolving, even despite the global growth and popularity of the sport of MMA, Robert Stein created Fundafighter in 2012 with the vision of building an alternative revenue source for MMA athletes.

The Indiana-native, known for sculpting his chest hair into the shape on an arrow at weigh-ins, first fought in the Octagon at UFC 127 in 2011. He just recently saw an 11-fight win streak snapped when he met James Head at UFC 149.

Prior to that, Ebersole had won four straight in the UFC, which included his first round knockout of Dennis Hallman. UFC president Dana White praised Ebersole for that win since he got Hallman’s speedos off TV quickly.

If you want Ebersole’s golden ticket to UFC 167 and are interested in cornering him when he battles Rick Story at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV, go to Brian Ebersole’s page on and put in your bid for the contest. Other contests exist as well for Ebersole which include a memorabilia package or even his walkout shirt and hat.

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