TUF Nations recap, Episode 3


We open up recapping episode 2 in which Team Canada earned their second straight victory. With Canada retaining control of choosing the next match-up, Coach Patrick Cote calls for his top dog, Chad Laprise to take on Australia’s Chris Indich.

Team Australia’s Tyler Manawaroa acts as Team Canada’s alarm clock to open the episode. He’s blowing on a didgeridoo horn which annoys Oliver Aubin-Mercer amongst others.

Meanwhile, Indich has found solace in maintaining his distance from Laprise ahead of the fight.

We learn a bit more about Laprise, who is very religious. He believes God has led him to the moment and this is his time to shine.

Australia is ready to train and coach Kyle Noke has brought in his strength and conditioning coach, Jon Chaimberg, to help fine tune his team. Interestingly enough, Chaimberg has previously worked with Team Canada’s Laprise and Nordine Taleb. Cote believes its a conflict of interest. He calls Chaimberg “full of himself”.

During the intense training session, most of Team Australia looks ready to toss their cookies so to speak. Most of the team has been pushed to their limits and assistant coach Israel Martinez is glad they had a hardcore workout.

As Team Canada walks in ready for their training, they see Chaimberg and some call him a traitor. Cote thinks Chaimberg is there to publicize himself and get some air time. Most of the Canadians are appauled he chose to assist the Australians.

Back at the house, the pranks begin as the Australians decide to decorate the taxiderm moose with tampons. The Canadians come home and take all the tampons off, not amused with the prank.

Back at the TUF gym, Fabio Holanda is working with Laprise on his gameplan for Indich. Pressuring Indich with his striking and defending the takedowns are their keys to victory.

Indich’s preparation begins and Martinez thinks he’ll give Laprise a run for his money. Indich is nicknamed the “Savage” because he was pretty scrappy in his younger days. He’s had his share of bar fights, schoolyard brawls and saw a lot of tough love from his father who would get physical with him as a youngster.

Ahead of the fight, Laprise feels great and is injury free. He wants to be a role model to kids. In practice, a lot of his team is feeling the momentum from going 2-0 thus far. Camaraderie is being built and everyone is working at an elite level.

On the flipside, the Australians are struggling to find motivation. Manawaroa has an injured thumb and is concerned it could be an issue if he fights next. He’s weighing in around 200 pounds and the coaches want to get him on target to fight. At the house he starts dieting, eating hard boiled eggs and cereal for dinner.

Both men make weight for the fight. Canada thinks utter domination is coming for Laprise. Indich feels the support from his teammates and wants to bring home the first win for the Aussies. Indich is mentally ready and thinks every is clicking for him at the right time. Ahead of the fight he’s meditating in the Octagon and is ready to make all of his sacrifices worth it.

Laprise prepares himself reading from the Book of Psalms. He too believes no one will stand between him and a win.

FIGHT RECAP: Chad Laprise (7-0) vs. Chris Indich (5-1)

ROUND ONE: The men take the center of the Octagon and Laprise strikes first with a low kick. He follows up cracking Indich with a straight left. Indich counters with a right and the men exchange jabs. Laprise continues to strike Indich with his low kicks. Indich lands a right and then a low kick of his own. Laprise lands a counter and Indich answers with a 1, 2 combo and a jab. Another leg kick from Laprise strikes and they both trade jabs. We get another leg kick and jab from Laprise. Indich looks to answer with an overhand right and misses, Laprise counters with a body shot. Laprise tags Indich with the leg kick-jab combo again and Indich answers with the 1,2. He backs up as Laprise brings the jab forward. They return to center and exchange leg kicks. Laprise lands punches followed by a high kick. Laprise gets into a rhythm now finding a home for strikes to the body and keeps Indich at bay with the low kicks. Indich tries to answer, but eats a ton of punches from Laprise.The stand up war slows in the final 30 seconds of the round with the men hitting each other with kicks in the final ten seconds. Indich slips following up with a low kick.

Between rounds we see the nose, lip and under Indich’s left eye are cut.

ROUND TWO: Indich strikes first with a jab and combo landing. Laprise comes back lands a jab and low kick. Indich comes back swinging wild and landing a few, but is struck by another jab. Indich shoots for a takedown, Laprise defends and lands a head kick as he backs up. Laprise keeps chipping away and Indich starts landing more punches. Indich checks a kick from Laprise and backs him into the fence. They break after a quick clinch and Indich’s left hand hits Laprise. Indich mixes it up and lands a low kick and punches to follow. Laprise answers with a jab. Indich comes right back punching and moving forward. Laprise’s jab keeps landing doing more damage each time. Indich tries to mix up his strikes with high kicks that don’t find their target. In the final seconds, Laprise lands a back spin kick to Indich’s body and one to his head as the buzzer sounds off.

Winner by decision: Laprise

Instead of being angry at the loss, Team Australia’s coaches are proud of Indich’s effort. Martinez praises him for making Laprise earn the win. Laprise comes into the locker room to congratulate Indich.

Indich criticizes his effort, saying he should have done more to win. He’s got six stitches under his left eye and is taking the loss pretty hard.

Canada retains control of choosing who fights next. At middleweight, Cote chooses Nordine Taleb who is allowed to pick who he wants to fight. Taleb calls out Tyler Manawaroa.

Results through Episode 3 (A for Australia, C for Canada):
Olivier Aubin-Mercer (C)
Matthew Desroches (C)
Chris Indich (A) lost to Chad Laprise, Episode 3
Kajan Johnson (C) defeated Brendan O’Reilly via submission, Episode 1
Chad Laprise (C) defeated Chris Indich, Episode 3
Jake Matthews (A)
Brendan O’Reilly (A) lost to Kajan Johnson, Episode 1
Richard Walsh (A)

Luke Harris (C)
Vik Grujic (A)
Daniel Kelly (A)
Tyler Manawaroa (A)
Zein Saliba (A) lost to Theodorou via decision, episode 2
Nordine Taleb (C)
Elias Theodorou (C) defeated Saliba via decision, episode 2
Sheldon Westcott (C)

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