Dana White’s UFC 169 scrum: The Top Ten things you need to know

credit: Justin Fuller/MMA Fight Corner

credit: Justin Fuller/MMA Fight Corner

Ahead of UFC 169, UFC President Dana White discussed everything from UFC 169 being a sellout to more global development for the promotion. In no particular order, here’s the top topics White touched on and the latest in UFC news.

#1 Dana is disgusted with how Julianna Pena’s knee injury happened
Wednesday night, White tweeted that Pena should leave her camp, Sikjitsu. At the pre-fight scrum he explained why her knee injury is the worst thing he’s ever heard of happening.

“It’s like the worst knee injury I’ve heard about ever heard of, in this sport, ever. You hear about those type of knee injuries in football. Apparently this is what happened – and again when I talked to her she was hysterical, crying – she just won the Ultimate Fighter, she’s ranked number 10 in the world and she was training in her gym and one of her training partners, a guy, was saying to her, ‘Oh you’re wearing your Ultimate Fighter shirt. We’re real scared.’ He was talking like that to her and talking smack to her and then basically attacked her. He jumped on her back, started cranking her neck, and the way that she fell her knee blew out.”

“It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” said White. “Like a year and a half to two years she’ll be out. I told her ‘Leave that disgusting gym and go somewhere else with new new coaches, training partners, whatever’. And that’s all I know.”

#2 The next Flyweight title contender could emerge from John Lineker vs. Ali Bagautinov 
White ‘didn’t disagree’ with media that the Flyweight bout could produce the next top contender at Flyweight.

It’s not a guarantee that the winner will be next in line to take on current champ Demetrious Johnson. But it doesn’t make it a bout to keep an eye on come Saturday night.

#3 Jose Aldo can move up to 155
At a recent luncheon in Los Angeles White hosted, he mentioned that he would like to see Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis happen. If Aldo wants to move up to 155 to fight Pettis, White is all for it. However, Aldo would have to vacate his title to do it.

“I think if he makes the move to 55 he should definitely do it and drop the belt. And if he doesn’t like being at 55, he can drop back down and fight for the title again,” White said.

“I don’t know if that’s what he wants to do,” White added. “I mean we never talked about it. But, that’d be fun.”

#4 White and Joe Silva have discussed Anthony Johnson
Again, they’ve only discussed Johnson who has been on a 6-fight win streak since he was cut from the UFC. White did watch “Rumble” fight Andrei Arlovski, but hasn’t seen many of his other fights since his release. It’s not a definite by any means that Johnson could return to the UFC, but they are contemplating the possibility.

#5 Dana on Roy Nelson applying for the NSAC Executive Director position
The president and Nelson have never exactly seen eye-to-eye on much of anything. White’s reaction to hearing that UFC Heavyweight Roy Nelson has applied for Keith Kizer’s position as executive director at the NSAC, wasn’t very detailed.

“I mean what do I say to that. It’s just, I think I’ve said all I have to say about that. I think it’s Roy looking for some attention.”

#6 Is Alistair Overeem vs. Frank Mir a loser goes home battle?
Dana first answered ‘yeah’ in regards to the Feb. 1 heavyweight battle. But he added that as long as they both perform at their finest, he’ll keep them both on the roster.

Overeem has lost back-to-back fights. Mir, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, has lost 3 straight.

#7  Dana breaks down what happened when Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva went to blows on the set of TUF Brasil 3
“I wasn’t shocked. That thing has been a timebomb since it got there. It’s without a doubt the worst thing that’s ever happened on The Ultimate Fighter in 20-something seasons,” White explained.

“No, I don’t like guys fighting outside of the Octagon. That’s never happened. If you look at all the guys that we’ve had in there, and got in each other’s faces, and done what they done, it’s never come to a real fight. And I told them, I said, ‘Hey listen. You idiots want to fight free? Okay. I’d love to not pay ya. It’s going to be a big fight. I’ll not gonna pay ya.’ Come on. It’s crazy. But it’s how bad they don’t like each other.”

Reports have already come out of Brazil that Team Sonnen has been afraid of any hostile situations arising. White added that Chael’s “got more security down there than Obama.”

When TUF Brasil 3 begins airing on UFC Fight Pass, White isn’t sure if the scuffle will make it to air. “We don’t have to show it, but we’ll see what happens when it we go to the editing. It’s crazy.”

In addition, White added that people involved in the brawl were punished for their actions. He did not elaborate how they were punished.

#8 Dana White would like to do away Testosterone Replacement Therapy
With more than a dozen fighters that we know of applying for Therapeutic Use Exemptions to use TRT, the controversy as to whether or not they should be allowed to compete while on the therapy gives them an advantage.

Vitor Belfort has been the primary poster boy when it comes to discussing TRT, mainly because he’s been on a tear of knocking people out with head kicks since it was revealed that he uses the treatment.

White has reiterated time and time again that the UFC tests anyone on TRT quite often to ensure they are not cheating to boost their testosterone levels ahead of fights. Still, if he had it his way, TRT be abolished.

“If TRT is done away with, right now the commission allows TRT, so we allow TRT. Gone? Gone.  And I want it gone, I think that’d be great.”

“I don’t necessarily agree with [TRT] as long as people don’t cheat. Guys, it’s a fact as we get older your testosterone starts to drop,” White continued. “What happens is you get these guys who go through a training camp and get so jacked up on this stuff. ‘You know, if this much gets me here, where will this much get me?’ Where that much will get you is less injuries, you’re faster, you’re stronger, then you start to taper down cause that stuff goes out of your system quick. You start to taper down and you’ve just compeletely cheated through your entire training camp where the other guy not on TRT didn’t recover as fast and had all the stuff that goes along with it.”

“There’s so many guys on TRT, but Vitor is the guy that everybody’s after because he’s looked so good and his performances have looked so great.”

#9 Is CM Punk UFC bound?
The WWE superstar told Ariel Helwani he was interested in getting into MMA after walking away from pro wrestling on Monday. Punk attended UFC on FOX 10 in Chicago and White said they shared some conversation. But, White stated that they never talked about his interest in competing in the UFC.

At 35-years-old White admitted, “It’s a little late to get into the game. But who knows if he can fight?” White pondered. “I don’t know. we’ll see what happens.”

#10 When will the UFC head to Mexico? And the outlook for UFC Philippines
White hasn’t given a date for when the UFC will head to Mexico. However, he made it clear that the promotion won’t head south of the border until UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez returns.

“He should be ready in a couple of months here. I think mid-summer,” White said of Velasquez’s recovery from a torn labrum.

What is on the horizon is the possibility the UFC heads to the Philippines.

“We’re getting closer and closer now. Phillippines is next,” White stated of the UFC’s plans for Asia.

A while back, the UFC had plans to visit the Philippines, but lost a key sponsor which prevented them from doing so. Now it seems the promotion has the green light and a fight card could happen there in the near future.

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