TUF 20 recap, episode 6: Aisling Daly vs. Angela Magana

With Heather Clark losing to Felice Herrig, it’ll be up to Angela Magana to snap Team Melendez out of its 0-5 slump. The no. 12 seed Magana meets the no. 5 Aisling Daly in this episode.

As things open we see Tecia Torres is still adjusting to her new training environment. Alex Chambers is reaching out to be friendly, but not many of the others have. Torres was brought back to replace Justine Kish. Kish is out of the competition due to a torn ACL.

Magana discusses her past which was riddled with hardship, pain and suffering. Her parents were both addicted to heroin and she was born an addict. There were times so rough, Magana ate from garbage cans and her mother prostituted to make money. Angela even recalled times she helped her mother shoot up just to keep her even keeled.

With that history having made her a stronger person, Magana says she doesn’t need a belt to prove she’s a champion. On top of those struggles, Magana once fell off a balcony. Apparently, that incident left her with a shattered back and spine. As if that wasn’t enough, she lost her fiance in a car accident that she was in as well. Magana was left in a coma.

Now living in Thailand with her daughter, Magana says MMA has been her “saving grace”. She’s been fighting since 2007 and has battled with some of the best. In this fight, Melendez wants her to bring punches in bunches and avoid the ground game.

Aisling Daly hails from Dublin and trains with SBG Ireland. She started karate at the age of 10 and admits to getting hooked on jiu-jitsu. After going pro at 18-years-old, Daly was revered as a pioneer not just of WMMA, but of MMA in Ireland. Coach Pettis wants her to out pace Magana and use her unpredictability, power punches and grappling to throw Magana off her game.

One problem is that Daly opts not to workout on the first day of her training for Magana. Being from Ireland, she’s not adjusting well to the desert heat in Las Vegas. She believes she has heat exhaustion and asks to rest. Pettis’ strength and conditioning coach questions her decision and insinuates that Daly may be faking it.

Having suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety, Daly doesn’t like his approach. She’s had her issues coping with the affliction and even took a year off to deal with it. She claims to be in a good place mentally now.

UFC president Dana White pulls Daly into his office to check on her. She assures him it’s just the weather affecting her. He says he’ll help her out with anything she needs. So, Daly asks if they can get UFC Fight Night Dublin in the house. He grants her wish.

Daly had four teammates on the card: Gunnar Nelson, Patrick Holohan, Cathal Pendred and Conor McGregor. Holohan sends her well wishes in his post-fight victory speech.

FIGHT RECAP: Aisling Daly (14-5) vs. Angela Magana (11-6)
Round One: Aisling comes forward out of the gate swinging. They clinch right away and Magana knees and looks for a body lock takedown. She secures it, gets into side control and punches Daly. Magana takes Daly’s back and goes for a rear-naked choke. Daly defends against it and tries to sand. Magana keeps latched on her back and locks in a body triangle. Magana again hunts for the rear-naked. Daly works to improve her position and is trying to shake Magana. Magana looks for an armbar and Referee Chris Tognoni stands them. On the feet, Daly punches with hard rights landing. Daly clinches with her and Magana reverses. Daly looks for a kimura and knees and punches Magana trying to get a hip toss. They break away and Daly lands another right hand. Daly gets a takedown as the round ends.

Round Two: Daly opens up with power punches. Daly sprawls avoiding a takedown. As Magana stands they exhcange in the pocket, Daly moves in with combinations. Daly fires the 1, 2 again and Magana counters. Magana again shoots for a takedown that Daly stuffs. They clinch and Magana gets warned about grabbing the fence. They continue against the cage and Daly gets a trip. Daly takes Magana’s back and lands elbows. They scramble, stand and head to the clinch again. Daly looks to take Magana’s back again. Magana works to get to her feet, but Daly maintains top control. She peppers Magana with punches to the body and goes for a rear-naked choke as the round ends.

Round Three: Magana leg kicks and follows with a head kick, that Daly shrugs off. Magana ties up with Daly in the clinch as Daly again takes her back and goes for a rear-naked choke. Magana tries to shake her but can’t. Daly lays on more punches, flattens Magana out and takes back mount. She lays on the ground and pound and the referee calls a stop to the fight.

After the official decision is called, Magana admits that she hated the stand up in the first round by the referee. She says she was one step away from getting an armbar during that stand up.

Anthony Pettis retains control and Gilbert Melendez is obviously deflated having gone 0-6 in the tournament. Up next, Pettis picks Team Melendez’s no. 7 seed Rose Namajunas vs. the no. 10 seed Alex Chambers. TUF 20 returns to FOX Sports 1 on Wednesday at 10:00pm ET.

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