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The latest in’s well-received Fightography series is now live, and features the legendary UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock. In addition to listing every Shamrock fight currently in the UFC FIGHT PASS library – that’s 20 fights from the UFC, PRIDE and EliteXC spanning 15 years – the collection also features a brand-new, ahem, “no-holds barred” interview with the icon on his historic feud with Royce Gracie.

As everyone reading this email will know, Shamrock fought Gracie in the semi-final of UFC 1 in 1993 and relentless pursued the rematch until he finally got it at UFC 5 two years later.

In the Fightography interview, Shamrock says the deck was stacked against him in the first fight, and after tapping out to a choke he became “obsessed” with getting revenge over the BJJ master.

Shamrock said: “I knew Royce was the guy the promoters were highlighting; I knew he was their guy, but I didn’t think he knew much of anything all that well. I was really cocky at the time. I really thought I was the man. I was unprepared (for Royce). I thought ‘What is THIS?’”

“But, at the same time, Royce’s camp knew I was the only threat to them and they figured out ways to make it more difficult for me.”

Shamrock believes the last-minute decision to not allow him to wear his wrestling shoes in the brand-new Octagon played a significant role in his loss; he also pointed out Royce was allowed to fight wearing a gi which was used “as a weapon” in the fight.

An emotional Shamrock, now 50, blasts Royce for pulling out mid-way through the UFC 3 tournament, rather than face him, and said original UFC match-maker Art Davie forced Royce to take the “Superfight” rematch at UFC 5.

Of that infamous 30-plus minute bout, which ended in a draw because back then there were no judges or points-decisions, Shamrock said: “If we had the fight the way it was supposed to be, the way the contract was signed, no time limit, no rules, things would have been different.”

Shamrock added: “When I speak here, talking about these old fights, my old emotions come back but, really, those emotions aren’t there anymore. I respect Royce. I respect what he did, and the legacy that Royce and I left behind with that rivalry.”

Check out a preview here:

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