Quick Quotes: Mir accepts Duffee’s call out “If the UFC makes the fight, I’m all for it.”

photo credit: Aaron Friedman - Fight Corner

photo credit: Aaron Friedman – Fight Corner

UFC heavyweight Todd Duffee has been quite vocal about wanting to scrap with no. 11 ranked Frank Mir. Duffee’s taken to social media and has pushed for a matchup with the former UFC heavyweight champion.

As a co-host of The Fight Corner on Monday, Mir said he’d be willing to throwdown with the 29-year-old if the UFC books the matchup.

“I think Todd did a good job of getting his name out there,” said Mir. “I mean, obviously, career-wise he’s only fought one guy that anybody would probably know who it is and it’s in Alistair [Overeem] who knocked him out in 19 seconds. The other fight that was of was of some note was the [Mike] Russow fight. He did great in it. In fact, I had actually helped him train for it. I had been one of the guys around when Mike Whitehead cornered him. He even broke Russow’s arm, which Russow’s a tough guy. I guess he was able to come back and knock him out cold, knock Todd out, and that was disappointing.

“I understand what he’s doing. I have no ill will,” Mir continued. “He’s a young guy who has been in the UFC for a little while – out of the UFC, in the UFC – he wants to make a name for himself. His fights themselves hasn’t garnered him that much recognition. So I guess he figures if he talks a little bit on the Twitter and gets things going, that’ll help. And it did. I called up the UFC and said hey, ‘If you have nobody else for him to fight, if that’s what you guys want, I’m open. I’ve never turned down a fight from anybody.’

“I just felt, if you had reversed the roles, if I had gunned after Todd at this point in his career and looked to fight him, I would’ve looked like a bully. They would’ve been like, ‘Why are you calling out a guy who’s not ranked and has never beat anybody who’s ranked and who’s really a relative, kind of, unknown?’ If it wasn’t say for his physique, that’s pretty much what is getting him somewhere. Now he’s talking a little bit and that helped sell the fight. So you know, if the UFC makes the fight, I’m all for it. I’m in.

“I had mentioned I’d fight [Antonio Rodrigo] Nogueira, but that was pretty much out of respect for him, for what he’s done for the sport. Nogueira was the champion when I first started out. So if he wanted only just one last fight – I was worried that they weren’t going to give it to him and maybe even relinquish Nogueira to a prelim – and I figured if he fights me down in Brazil, I’ll walk down there again one more time and give him the opportunity to probably be a co-main event at least. His final fight against me I think would garner some attention.

“Then obviously the Brock [Lesnar] fight I was kind of hoping would pan out. That didn’t. So that’s disappointing. But you know, Todd Duffee, I can keep busy over the summer. And the things I stand behind…even Todd Duffee, what does a win over him do for my career? We argued about it being a payday. I heard someone say ‘oh, he says you’re just looking for a payday.’ I get paid the same if I fight [Duffee] or if I go fight Cain Velasquez. So fighting [Duffee] could just look like I’m looking to get paid because you’re obviously not on the same level as anybody in the top ten unless you think you are unless he thinks he’s a better boxer than [Junior] dos Santos or Stipe [Miocic] or anybody. Anyways, that’s my thought on it,” concluded Mir.

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