McGregor takes Aldo’s belt away as UFC 189 World Tour ends in Dublin

UFC 189

Just when it seemed like UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo had almost hit a boiling point, title contender Conor McGregor wanted to see just how far he could push him.

The UFC 189 World Tour finally reached Dublin, Ireland, on Tuesday, marking the last stop for Aldo and McGregor’s promotion of their upcoming title fight. Never before had the UFC embarked on such a tour. The UFC visited ten cities in eight days. And that proved to be almost one day and city too many.

On the last day of the tour, McGregor saw a homecoming as the Dublin native basked in the spotlight and soaked in the cheers from the Irish fans. No more than 10 minutes into the press conference, “The Notorious” snatched Aldo’s belt from in front of him in response to Aldo stating he was “the King of Dublin. McGregor began to wave it in the air as though he was playing keep away with the belt. Aldo charged after the challenger as UFC president Dana White stood between them. A UFC staff member then pryed the belt out of McGregor’s hands. The Irishman all the while ranting and egging on the champion by proclaiming himself the “King”.

The question and answer session produced a multitude of insulting comments directed at Aldo. Irish fan after Irish fan, made their alliegance to McGregor known or chose to put Aldo down with derogatory remarks throughout the remainder of the event.

On July 11 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, the pair will meet inside the Octagon to determine who will rightfully walk away with the UFC featherweight crown. Aldo vs. McGregor will headline UFC 189 during International Fight Week.

THIS. IS. INSANE. Watching the #UFCWorldTour presser live from Dublin! Link in bio!

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Watch the full replay of the press conference here:

McGregor takes Aldo’s belt at approximately 9:30 into the video.

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