NAC presents bill to raise ticket taxes for boxing and MMA events

credit Barry Hartman - Fight Corner

credit Barry Hartman – Fight Corner

On Tuesday, the Associated Press revealed that the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) is asking state lawmakers to increase taxes on tickets sold for boxing and mixed martial arts events.

The bill, AB 476, was brought before the Nevada Department of Business and Industry by head Bruce Breslow in the Assembly Ways and Means Committee.

If the bill passes, taxes on ticket sales would see a two percent hike. Currently, the charge is six percent. In addition, the bill would allow the governor to appoint the head of the NAC.

With the more stringent and increased drug testing programs ramping up, Breslow believes the increase would help the NAC to cover the costs of the expanded program, particularly costs of pre-fight tests. Currently, the state of Nevada helps to fund the commission. The new bill would allow the commission to raise enough revenue to sustain the drug testing programs on their own.

If the bill passes, it would not come into effect until the next fiscal year.

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